Product Description

No 16

As with the Yurts the No 16 is our most popular sized tipi (16ft diameter 4.88m). It’s the largest you can easily put up single-handed and has a pole length of 6.1m (20ft), just long enough to be OK on your average family estate car with a few ribbons on the back. Plenty of room for 6 adults. Tipi size is the diameter from front to back on the ground. Diameter left to right is slightly less, because a tipi is egg shaped in plan. I find that a No 16 tipi with 20ft poles is the largest I feel comfortable with on my estate car. The tips overhang the rear of the car by about 1.3m (4ft), and I put a red flag or trailer board on them. The poles are quite lightweight once they have fully dried, and are easy to handle. It is quite possible to put up a No 16 tipi on your own, with a little practice. Larger than that and the canvas is getting heavy enough to need two people to construct the tent. The price includes – full set of poles (14), the main anchor rope and peg, the outer canvas, a full set of hand made ash pegs, the lacing pins, a door cover, lining rope, 1.8m (6ft) liner canvas with vinyl sod cloth, storage bag, groundsheet and full instructions and care sheet. The canvas used is 393gm (12oz) fire retardant, rot resistant and waterproofed, unbleached cotton duck. Groundsheets are in two halves with a cutout for a fire pit. The two halves are to allow you to adjust the groundsheet to fit the egg shaped floor plan. If you wish you can of course source your own tipi poles. This can save money on transport as well as the cost of the poles. You will need to contact your local forester who should be ale to supply you with the trimmed poles. You will need to peel and smooth the poles for use. Painting - Price on application according to design.