Product Description

No 12

3.66m, (12ft) diameter tipi. 4.9m (16ft) poles. A lovely little tipi the No 12, ideal for two adults or a young family. With a pole length of only 4.9m (16ft) it’s very easy to transport on the average car roof rack. This should go up in about 30 - 45 minutes depending on your experience. As with all our tents it comes complete with everything you need from instructions to pegs, and a groundsheet. The canvas is fire retardant for safety and is water resistant to British standards. Price includes the main canvas cover, a 1.5m (5ft) liner, canvas door, and all pins, pegs, ropes, storage bag and instructions, pole set (14 @ 4.9m) and heavy duty groundsheet. The photos show a beautifully painted No 12 with traditional style horses, and a plain white No 12 set up on a gorgeous Devon afternoon.

Additional Information

No 12

Approx diameter 12ft - 3.7m
Approx height to top of poles when constructed - 14ft 6 - 4.4m
Pole length - 16ft - 4.9m
Capacity - young family or three adults
Whats included:

Main canvas in fire retardant canvas
Canvas liner in fire retardant canvas
Canvas door.
All pegs, pins and ropes.
14 Poles, peeled sanded and oiled.
Buckled bag
Instruction and care sheet.