Product Description


Here we have the latest addition to the Albion Canvas collection. The Satara started out intending to be a small tent but has prooved to be so popular, and interest so great, we are offering 3 basic sizes with the potential for a further 'Grand Satara' coming soon. The Satara is designed to accomodate a small wood burning stove safely with plenty of room to move around it. There are three basic sizes planned, all 4 m wide but one at 3.6m long in the main tent and one at 4.35m and the largest at 5.1 m. Each has a 1.8m deep porch which can have roll up/removable sides to cheat the weather. The final design has a real safari tent feel, and can be fitted with bedroom dividers or roof liners to give that real luxury feel. As per usual all the canvas is fire retardant, and the tent has been designed to keep the stove to one side, with a roof pitch to take a silicone flue collar at the correct angle. There is a plenty of room to the rear for a double bed, and a single bed to one side. The tent can be divided in several different ways with hangings, and can also be extended to increase the living space. The overall floor space is 3.6mx 4m with a height in the centre of 2.6 m and wall height of 1.6m. Traditional sectioned wooden poles and finials. Side poles to reduce the guy rope footprint and increase the stability and strength are included. The rear angled corner walls have a netted roll up window in each to give good ventilation in warm weather. Additional windows can be added according to your needs. The tent can be extended in 75cm divisions and height could be increased if you wish. As with most of our tents all sorts of adaptations can be made to suit your needs, just contact us for more help.