Product Description

The BIG Domes

Wahay! Now were talking monster domes! Pictured here is a small selection of event sized domes. Photo 1 - A 30ft (9.15m) diameter 4v dome, designed for use in hot climates. There are 4 roll down triangular vents with fly mesh and a very large picture window incorporated into the walls. The roof expands and opens to reveal large fly meshed vents for maximum cooling. Steel frame with 250 struts, a semi permanent construction. This one was designed for use as a yoga studio on Ibiza. Photo 2 - Shows the interior of the 4v dome. Note the large window and the open triangular vent and open roof with fly mesh. Photo 3 - A 30ft (9.15m) 3v dome. This style of dome is more portable having only 165 struts, and aluminium frame for lightness. The 3V comes in two basic variations - the 3/8 low roof and 5/8 high roof as pictured here. We can make big domes from 22ft (6.7m) up to 40ft (12m) diameter in various designs and cover combinations, contact Alan for further help and advice.