Product Description

No 16

4.88m, (16ft) diameter 2v dome. The No 16 geo dome is quite large with a central height of 2.44m (8ft) great for the larger family or a small stall space with some simple adjustments to the frame to give a walk in door. Photo here shows a No 16 geodesic dome with coloured cap and round windows, on a very windy day! Frame is British ash. Canvas price includes wrap around walls, five-pointed cap, fifteen wooden pegs, instructions and storage bag. Groundsheet is heavy-duty vinyl with a 15cm wall. Also pictured are some 13ft domes in Ibiza with openable mosquito netted windows, and a 14ft with the walls rolled back. (I'm a bit short on 16ft photos but hope to have more soon). Dimensions - diameter 4.8m (16ft), height 2.4m (8ft), floor area 18.1m 2 (201ft 2).