Product Description

No 14

4.27 m, (14ft) diameter 2v dome. The most popular size of dome. It’s compact enough to fit into a family car, yet large enough when constructed to sleep a family of 4 very comfortably. Plenty of headroom inside too, central height is 2.135m (7ft). The dome pictured here has painted additions, and very stylish windows. The domes are very strong and snug and can cope with anything the UK weather likes to throw at them. I have even had over enthusiastic revellers at festivals bounce off them! Frame is British ash. Canvas price includes wrap around walls, five-pointed cap, fifteen wooden pegs, instructions and storage bag. Groundsheet is heavy-duty vinyl with 15cm wall. Dimensions - Diameter 4.27m (14ft), height 2.14m (7ft), floor area 14.3m 2 (154ft 2 )