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Are your tents just for camping?

No we have made tents for just about every use you can imagine. The Forestry Commission has a 20ft yurt for events, as does the Edinburgh Botanical Gardens, and the Imperial War Museum has one of our yurts too. Yurts have been used for temporary accommodation, summerhouses, music practice rooms, hideaways for adults from their teenagers, mobile theatres, Tai-Chi classrooms, office space, and as a stall for handmade shoes. Large geodesic domes are regularly bought for event use and as mobile classroom/workshop space. Baker tents for stalls, Ouled Nail for a Chai cafe... well, I'm sure you get the picture!

Can I get fabric samples?

Yes. Let us know what you are interested in and we will send out samples of the fabric, felt etc.

Can I have coloured canvas?

In short, yes, but we prefer to use white canvas for several reasons. Firstly colours rub off and can mark frames, clothes etc. although we have some non marking canvas - see below. Secondly the colours are not readily available with a fire retardant finish in 100% cotton, so we have to order them specially. Finally the white canvas makes for a brighter, lighter and cooler tent in summer. We do supply details in coloured vat dyed canvas, which the colour does not rub off of. Details include yurt caps, tipi flaps, doors etc. We can also paint designs on your tent. Occasionally I have Olive green available in the fire retardant finish, call for details.

We now have polycotton regularly available in white, sand brown or olive green all with fire retardant, and triple dipped for rot, ideal for long term yurt use or large commercial structures. Ask for samples to check colour as photographs are not always accurate.

Please note that when we purchase canvas there are occasional faults. Most of the time this is small dye marks from previous manufacturing. As long as they aren't too bad we let them through. Fabric faults are not permitted through. The reason for this is that if the faults are only cosmetic we would rather not waste fabric and keep our waste to a minimum. After 15 years and despite several increases in size we still only have a domestic sized wheelie bin emptied weekly - and often its not full.

Can I have my tent painted?

Yes. We often paint tents, particularly tipis. This can be done to a traditional design or to a design of your own.

Do the tents come in sizes other than those listed?

We can make any tent to any size within certain structural limitations.

Do you have a guarantee on your tents?

All our tents have a one-year guarantee on workmanship, and a five year guarantee on yurt frames. If you find a fault please get back to us as soon as possible to have it rectified. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the life of your canvas, due to so many variable factors and canvas being a natural material. However all products come with a care guide to help you get the most from your tent. If you have any problems please let us know, (we strive for excellence but are only human!) and if you love your tent please let us know too!

Do you have any more information on your tents?

Yes, we have complete details on each of the tents including sizing etc available on individual fact sheets. Available as PDF file, just e-mail for the factsheets or ring me on +32 479 53 98 31 for a printed copy by post.

Do you have any stock?

Yes we do hold some stock of various tents, call for whats available. All other items are usually in stock and available via the website. Some of the smaller tents like the Festy are also available through the website. All larger tents are available on a made to order basis.

Do you make other designs

We can make up a whole variety of designs, and special projects. From simple canvas bags, and garden awnings to authentic reproduction tentage for re-enactors. Not to mention canvas for canoes and lightweight canvas tents for the backwoods of the Canadian wilderness. Contact us if you have a project you would like to talk through.

Do you need planning permission for yurts?

Although many people state you don't need planning permission for yurts because they don't have foundations, I'm afraid this is untrue. Used in the garden for just the summer months is usually fine, and of course for general camping its not an issue, but I would always check with your local planning authority particularly if you are using it for temporary accommodation, or as part of your business.

How do I place an order?

Simply telephone +32 479 53 98 31 and we will talk through all the options and ensure you are getting the right tent for your requirements. We will then calculate the final price and ask for a 33% deposit. We can hold a verbal booking for 7 days, but will cancel it after that time without receipt of deposit. On receipt of your deposit we will send you a confirmation of order and receipt for the deposit. The balance is payable on completion. Deposits are non-refundable.

If you wish to pay by card, please telephone us and one of our staff will take the payment details. There is no charge for debit cards, but 2% for all credit card transactions. No charge for cheques or cash. Or you can pay by BACS.

How long will my tent last?

That all depends on the care and use of your tent. We cannot give a guarantee on the life of the canvas because it is a natural material and is affected by the local conditions and your care of the tent. With good care a frequently used canvas tent should give you 10 or more years of service. Badly cared for and your tent wont last a year. Every tent comes complete with an instruction sheet and maintenance advice to get the best from your purchase. Most tent frames can outlive you with a little care.

How long will my tent take to make?

That all depends on the tent and how busy we are. Delivery times range from between four to six weeks, but can be up to twelve weeks at peak periods, particularly for yurts due to their popularity and four week manufacturing time. If possible order in the autumn or winter to beat the rush. Please remember we are not a factory but craftsmen, dedicated to our trade, and enjoying our work. Check the top of this page for current estimated delivery times.

How waterproof are your tents?

All our tents are made in traditional cotton with a water resistant coating which gives about 98% efficiency. Having said that you will normally get very few problems. The beauty of cotton canvas is its breathability which means it is not 100% waterproof - only plastic is 100%.

What about delivery?

We can deliver or you can collect.

What about Fire retardants?

All our tents and the vast majority of the liner fabrics have fire retardants to BS5438/5867 and BS7837 Marquees. This is for your safety and protection of your investment, plus many of our customers use their structures commercially. We can supply you with a relevant certificate upon request. We cannot issue a certificate after 3 years beyond the purchase date.

What if I decide my tent is not right for me?

We make every tent to order, and so spend quite a bit of time with you when you order to ensure you are getting the right tent for your requirements. Because every tent is made to order, deposits are not normally refundable, so if you are in any doubt please check with us again before ordering.

Why do you use PVC?

Although PVC has a poor environmental track record, as yet we haven't found a suitable alternative. It is very strong, flexible, repairable and with care will last many years. I can assure you we continue in our quest for an alternative. Please have your groundsheets repaired, we are reluctant to replace them until they are beyond repair.